Planetary Properties: The Earth
I produced this short video for the British Science Association's Planetary Properties stall at an astronomy-themed event. It presented a number of challenges; at the beginning of this project I had no experience in 3D graphics. I learned a great deal from producing this video, and will approach similar projects with greater confidence in the future.
Some of the most important lessons I learned during this project involved considering hardware limitations while in the planning process; I was unprepared for the length of time it would take to render the 3D models of the Earth, and produced them in a very high-quality format that was ultimately unnecessary for the purpose I put them to.
My wife, Kayla, provided the voice-over for the video, and advice on sound effects and music was provided by a number of friends.
Other videos
Most of the other video content I work on is produced on behalf of the Tyndall Centre, and can be found at their YouTube page and on their Vimeo page.
The video content I have worked on for the Tyndall Centre was produced under significantly greater hardware constraints; these have now been alleviated, and I hope to work on more videos to renew and improve our output.
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