Motion graphics offer a tremendously flexible vehicle for delivering information; they can be used to enhance a video, presentations or just as background advertising material.
The videos here are used on rolling slideshows on background screens; they are silent, as these screens rarely have sound and are usually deployed in areas where audio is inappropriate, but there's no technical reason that they couldn't be matched to audio.
The Global Carbon Budget is released at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties event annually, and is some of the highest impact work I help deliver.
This is a slide for internal use at UEA advertising the Tyndall Centre's annual Assembly. The illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator, and then assembled in After Effects. The limit for the slide reel was fifteen seconds, so there wasn't a lot of room for further detail.

This was produced in a hurry for a British Science Association event, for use on social media - it's small enough to fit into a twitter format, and the entire cycle is only four seconds long to make it possible to compact it into a gif format. Obviously this is very simple, and the animation a bit rough - I would have added more depth to the lighting and smoothed out some of the motion with a bit of time.
Another production for the British Science Association Social Media, this combines typography and some limited 2D imagery with a 3D rendered wind turbine. I created the wind turbine (and the small green hillock) in Blender, rendered out enough frames to form a rotation animation and used After Effects to create the final composition. This is simple stuff, but the principle can go a long way.

This is some proof-of-concept playing around that I was working to see how far I could take a relatively simple set of elements. I think part of the beauty of motion graphics is that the field offers an incredible capacity for elegance in relatively simple components. Not to say that extravagant graphics aren't fun and exciting, of course...
The animations here were honestly pretty lazy; this could be improved by adding a little anticipation and overshoot in the slide movements and rotator around the outside.
This is an example of a favourite genre of animation for me: birthday card gifs. This was produced for a friend who is turning 30. Much to my wife's exasperation, I rather enjoy departing from the fairly restrained work I produce for formal use in these - this is by no means the most energetic example.
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