Prospective poster design (awaiting final approval) to Open Mind Nights (Twitter: @openmindnights)

The poster for Open Mind Nights is probably my favourite piece of work. This was produced on behalf of a charity event at the request of a friend, who helps coordinate the event.
To make this poster, I produced the artwork in Adobe Illustrator (using a foam mannequin head for reference) and applied the typography in Adobe InDesign. The artwork derives some inspiration from Dixit, a popular board game, but the core thrust of the design was informed by the name of the event - I wanted a striking design that would speak directly to the themes of the event. The background elements of the artwork come out darker in print, which makes the centre section more striking.

Coffees of Academia - poster produced for a noticeboard at work on my own initiative

I make the departmental coffee at work every day, and putting up humorous posters is now something of a tradition. One of the most appealing things about working with the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA is the sense of humour that sits just under the surface.
This is my most recent output, and has garnered much appreciation in the department. Usually the level of humour is departmental in-jokes, but this time I pitched for something more broadly understandable. I'm not 100% happy with the poster - some of the ideas need further tweaking, and the sequencing definitely runs off the rails towards the end - but it's nonetheless a piece of work I'm fairly fond of.
This is an infographic produced on UEA climate change research for an internal committee deciding on avenues for greater collaboration between departments. For this I was presented with a document containing the qualitative feedback we received from a workshop and tasked with finding a way to present it in a manner that communicated that feedback in relation to the three questions we had pitched during the workshop (seen in the speech bubbles).
I produced this timeline of significant Tyndall Centre events to fit with the branding style of the Tyndall Centre website. The layout has had input from other sources and has been adapted according to feedback; the core arrangement and typography, however, are my ideas and execution.
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