I am employed by the University of East Anglia, and take advantage of the striking architecture and beautiful surroundings to get a little camera practice in at lunchtimes. These are a few of my favourite shots from around campus.

The UEA has a strong cycling culture. The Estates staff usually keep the campus furniture clear of rogue bicycles, but this one clearly eluded them!

Grey herons nest by the UEA Broad; I've known about them for some time, and have occasionally seen them flying in the distance, but only recently have I managed to get close enough to take a photograph.

This juvenile heron was sitting by the River Yare, only a handful of meters away from the footpath. It was surprisingly unfazed by the people in close proximity - to my left as I took the photograph were a number of dog-walkers.

I saw a more reticent adult heron a little further along the river, partially concealed in reeds. It wasn't waiting around for a picture, though.

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