Special Solar Telescopes stand ready in Chapelfield Gardens for the Science of the Sun stall.

Solar telescopes are constructed to enable the user to look at the sun without harm to their eyes.  These are specialist pieces of equipment - don't look directly at the sun, and especially not through a telescope! You can permanently damage your eyes.

Visitors to the Chapelfield Garden Stall look at an information card on the science of the sun

The Science of Scent stall was set up in the impressive setting of Norwich Cathedral

Pungent stuff!

A variety of striking scents were demonstrated, and the science behind the molecules explained.

My wife, Kayla Robinson, is the design officer for Norwich BSA and created the logo and maps used during the event. Visitors collected stamps from each stall they visited.

Visitors to the Science of Tea stall made their own ink for the stamp. The takeaway lesson? Don't mix tea and iron!

Some of the noisy options available at the Science of Sound stall.

A BSA Volunteer demonstrates sound waves using a slinky and kitchen equipment

BSA Volunteers demonstrating how a record player works; it actually produces recognisable (if atrocious) sound!

BSA Volunteers demonstrating at the Science of Sound stall.

The Science of Life stall had a variety of bizarre bugs; here an ant colony is spread between three containers. They are farming fungus in the middle container, and moving back and forth between the others.

(The volunteer in attendance at this stall admitted that moving the colony was a nuisance; when the containers are disconnected, ants tend to escape and go everywhere).

African Giant Land Snails at the Science of Life stall.

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